WIVAS - Working for Innovative Volunteering And Solidarity

The first international meeting for WIWAS - Working for Innovative Volunteering and Solidarity Project is going to start on Thursday 1st November 2018. The Project is financed by Europe for European Union Citizens Programme to Deryneia (CY) Municipality.

The meeting is going to be held from 1st to 5th November in the municipalities of Vignanello, Soriano nel Cimino, Vallerano, Canepina and Gallese and there are going to be present delegations from Deryneia (CY), Il Birgu (MT), Filipstad (SE), Balkanu Zieds (LV), Agia (GR), Jablonna (PL), Kelme (LT), Bukksezentkerest (HU) and Onga (HU). The delegations’ aim is to promote the debate on volunteering actions, on European solidarity, on the risks due to the diffusion of fake news and on the incorrect information about the most recent international crisis.

In many different confrontation occasions, each delegation is going to present opinions and recommendations about Europe-relevant themes gathered among their local communities.

There are going to be thematic visits to social cooperation and associations and guided tour to better know the involved municipalities: the programme, in fact, includes the tour of Orsini Palace in Soriano nel Cimino, of the chestnuts factory in Canepina, of the Ducal Palace and the “Folk Museum” in Canepina and of the Ruspoli Castle and the “Connutti” tunnels in Vignanello.

The meeting will be held during the celebration of the XIX edition of the new oil and new wine festival, with the purpose to create wide integration opportunities among the delegates and the local community, and to promote the peculiarities and the characteristic of the municipality at European level. 

The Mayors of the involved Municipalities underlined that it is an honour for the administrations to host the first meeting of WIWAS Project, adding that it is fundamental for the European citizens to meet and to set actions led to the sensibilization of the citizens on the correct information about relevant themes at international level and on the legislative project of UE. This, to assure a positive future for the UE, mostly in this period of crisis that leads to an increasing closure of the populations.
In addition, the local territory can boast numerous good social practises about solidarity and volunteering associations and about the active citizenship and it can add a value to the debate at European level. The meeting is going to represent a further growing-up occasion for the participant associations, which may enrich their activities thanks to the exchange of good practices through WIWAS Project. The practices include the opportunity for the touristic promotion at international level, created by the organisation of the event during the XIX edition of the new oil and new wine festival, for which the Municipality of Vignanello is helped by the local associations. Ace20 Agency has the responsibility for the advice and the coordination activities.