Vers Aghtini Festival

FrannyJo Publications in collaboration with the Birgu Local Council will be organizing a literature Festival, "Vers Aghtini" to commemorate the InternationalDay of the National Language (UNESCO).

This event will be held on Friday 29th February, 2008, starting at 6:30 in the evening till 8 o'clock at Gallerija Couvre Porte. , Birgu.

Everyone is invited to attend, where they will be invited to read a piece of prose or a poem taken from Maltese Literature. All those participating will be presented with a certificate from the Birgu Local Council as well as a poster of the Maltese National Anthem and two stickers offered from FrannyJo Publications.

The songwriter and singer Mr. Walter Micallef will be joining the festival .

All those interested in participating can contact Ms. Miriam Cassar on 21667001 or the Birgu Local Council.