University of Dundee, Scotland students welcomed in Citta Vittoriosa

On Saturday 1st March, 2008, a group of 25 students from the University of Dundee, Scotland, who are currently studying architecture wisited the City of Birgu.

The students were welcomed by the Mayor, Mr. John Boxall at Gallerija Couvre POrte where he gave them a brief introduction on the historical background of this city as well as a short description of the historical places found in Vittoriosa.

The students were also presented with a book outlining the history of this maritime City. Mr. Boxall also explained the regeneration of this city and how it developed in the past years.

After, the group visited Citta Vittoriosa where they admired the palaces found in our City as well as the Collachio area.

In the coming years, more students will be brought from the department of architecture from the University of Dundee to study and admire the architecture of the buildings of our City.