UNESCO Conference "Phoenician Routes in the Mediterranean Sea" at the Auberge de France, Birgu between the 12th and 14th April, 2011

Hon. Dr Chris Said, Parliamentary Secretary for Consumers, Fair Competition, Local Councils and Public Dialogue, addressing the delegates of UNESCO. In this picture there are also H.E. Dr Ray Bondin, Giorgio Riscaris, the Project Leader of Mare Nostrum, the Mayor of Birgu, Mr John Boxall and Carlo Alberto Garzonio from the University of Florence.


The Mare Nostrum project is an EU funded programme under the Euromed Heritage programme, a programme that brings together countries from southern Europe, north Africa and the Middle East.
The programme has the University of Florence as the Lead Partner. Mare Nostrum aims to study port cities in the Mediterranean, in particular looking at the problems of the local craftsmen when many crafts are disappearing. The project also aims to establish a Phoenician Heritage Trail in the Mediterranean. The Local Partner is Integrated Heritage Management led by HE Dr Ray Bondin.
The meeting held at one of the most historical buildings in the City of Birgu, that of Auberge de France, which are going to be the new offices of the Birgu Local Council, consisted of two days of internal meetings about the future of the project and a public seminar on the Phoenician Routes in the Mediterranean. This was the first public seminars to be held by Mare Nostrum. The persons attending the seminar and the meetings included some high officials, experts from UNESCO, representative of the Brussels office of Euromed Heritage, together with representatives from Italy, Greece, France, Syria, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon and Malta.