Town Twinning with Casorate Sempione

The Mayor, Mr. John Boxall, together with the Executive Secretary, Ms. Christine Bonello, went on an official visit to Casortate Sempione in Italy to start all the necessary arrangements for a town-twinning between the town of Casorate Sempione, in the province of Vasrese and the Maritime City of Birgu.

The Educational School, Future Focus helped the Birgu Local Council with all the necessary arrangements to start this town-twinning. In fact between the 13th and the 16th March, Mr. John Boxall, Mayor and the Executive Secretary visited this town.

During their short visit in Casorate Sempione, the Mayor and the Executive Secretary had the opportunity to go on a historical visit as well as to visit different commercial entities and businesses found in this locality.

After a meeting with almost all the Council members of Casorate Sempione, the Mayor and the Executive Secretary on behalf of the Birgu Local Council decided to proceed with the arrangements for a town-twinning.

Even though the City of Birgu and the town of Casorate Sempione are totally different being cultural and heritage difference, this visit proved to be very useful and interesting and the scope of combining two different cities through this town-twinning agreement will be surely achieved.

In fact, between the 20th and the 28th April, 2008 a group of 6 youths together with Ms. Judith Saliba, Councillor, Mr. Joe Gatt, gilder, and his wife and Mr. Kurt Grixti, souvenir shop owner, will have the opportunity to go to Casorate Sempione to represent Birgu in a national activity which will be held in Casorate Sempione.

During this activity the youths will be accompanying other youths and adults from different countries where they will translate from the Italian language into English. Also they will have the opportunity to distribute to all those attending this activity brochures, leaflets and books on Malta and on the historical City of Birgu.

On its behalf, the Birgu Local Council would like to thank Ms. Roseanne Galea from Future Focus as well as Mr. Sandro Pedroli and Ms. Stefania Siscotel from the Local Council of Casorate who made all possible for the Birgu Local Council and Casorate Sempione’s municipality to start all the arrangements for a town-twinning agreement which in turn in the future will sure leave positive results.