Top Brass Quintet, U.S. Navy Band (Europe) plays at Couvre Porte, Birgu

On July 5th, 2008  the “Top Brass” Quintet, part of the U.S. Navy Band (Europe) performed at Couvre Porte, Birgu.  This concert, which was free and open to the public, was organised by the Birgu Local Council in collaboration with the American Embassy.

The “Top Brass” ensemble travels throughout Europe and Africa to support the musical mission of the Commander of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe. The group performs various types of music, including marches, Jazz, classical and New Orleans Brass Band music.


U.S. Navy bands have been visiting and performing in Malta for several years. The bands have entertained Maltese audiences with lively American classics and have often enticed many in the crowd to the dance floor. Perhaps the most memorable performance was that by “The Navigators” at Senglea Point in June 2001. Following the successful conclusion of the USS La Salle’s visit to Malta to undergo repairs at the Malta Shipyards, the Band gave a performance entitled “Thank You, Malta” to express appreciation for the heartwarming hospitality of the Maltese people and for the excellent work conducted by the employees and management of the Malta Shipyards.