The Three Cities Foundation - Auberge d'Angleterre

The Birgu Local Council has recently entered into an agreement with "The Three Cities Foundation" to use the Front Office situated at Auberge D'Angleterre in Triq il-Majjistral, Birgu, as their permanent office.

The Three Cities Foundation is a non-governemnt organisation set up to provide free support, counselling services, training and education opportunities, based on the individual needs of its clients.

The full provision of services in Maltese, English and Italian will begin in September 2008 and the office will be open from Monday till Friday from 9am to 6 pm and outside these hours by appointment.

The Foundation believes in equal opportunity and everyone is welcome to visit. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


The Three Cities Foundation


The Three Cities Foundation is committed to promoting advocacy, education and training for at risk groups and individuals residing in the area. Its long term goal is to eliminate the underlying causes of marginalisation in the Cottonera area. It is an independent, inclusive NGO firmly based on Civil Society principles.

In the light of existing and future developments in the area (e.g. Grand Harbour Regeneration Project, Mediterranean Film Studios, Smart City), the Three Cities are likely to continue reaping direct or ancillary benefits. However, it is unsafe to assume economic growth will automatically fill gaps for the socially and economically marginalised. Therefore, The Three Cities Foundation undertakes to carry out the following:

Mission Statement

TCF will develop and deliver systematic community approach to aid recovery. as needed to address observed and reported issues that range from poverty, domestic violence, child neglect, substance abuse, intellectual and physical disabilities to social isolataion.

The purpose:

  • To deliver assistance to those members of the community who have been unable to integrate successfully, so they may achieve their potential and enjoy an improved quality of life, whilst contributing to their community.

The business:

  • To provide support, training and education to beneficiaries via a needs-based, holistic approach, i.e. tailored to their individual needs, delivered by skilled volunteers and professional partners.

The Values:

  • Community leadership, stewardship and innovation
  • to be a beacon of social responsability and competence across the country
  • to create a widespread volunteer/mentor culture among socially secure members of the community to encourage Three Cities residents to help themselves and each other through proven C & V methods.

Development plan outline

  • Provision of services (including counselling, remedial teaching, vocational training and life skills) to be extended to all age groups as demand and resources dictate.
  • Delivery of in-house training programmes for screened volunteers (tutors, mentors, befrienders)
  • Development of a formal Corporate networking Strategy to generate job placements and full-time opportunities.
  • Supply of online support, fundraising and information, via a dedicated website
  • Planning and delivery of a fundraising plan for the following goals: 1. Growth 2. Involvement 3. Visibility 4. Efficiency 5. Strength.
  • Planned monitoring of beneficiaries progress and auditing of programmes.