Statue of St. Dominic in Annunciation Church, Birgu

The Statue

The present statue was made in Gozo, made of 'papier mache' by Michael Camilleri Cauchi and was inaugurated in the feast of St Dominic  in 1986.  This statue was the fourth one made for this church that belongs to the Dominican community.  

Silver plinth This arrived in Malta and was inaugurated in the feast of St Dominic in 1907.  It was made by the firm Ghezzi of Milan on the design by Guze` Decelis.  The wooden model was made by Alfred Azzopardi from Msida.  The episodes from the life of St Dominic were designed by the painter Ganni Vella.  It weighs 50 rotolos silver and cost 500 sterling. NB 50 rotolos are equivalent to 40 Kg.  The rotolo is a Maltese weight and one Kg is equivalent to approx. one rotolo and a quarter.

Walnut base

This was designed also by Guze` Decelis.  Salvu Merilli and the brothers Emanuel and Joseph Drago worked on the sculptured parts.  Guze` Agius, Michael Portelli and Lawrence Vella all helped in the carpentry.  The marquitry was made on the design by painter Lazzaro Pisani