Snooker Competition

The Birgu Local Council in collaboration with St. Lawrence Band Club - Billiard Commission organised a snooker competition which started in the first week of October.

19 players participated in this snooker competition. The final game was held on Wednesday 24th November 2007, where the finalist, Mr. Ruben Reed and Mr. Joseph Schembri played the best 5 of 9 frames. This snooker competition was won by Mr. Ruben Reed with a score of 5 - 1 and the final result was:

Winner - Mr. Ruben Reed

Runner up - Mr. Joseph Schembri

Highest Break - Mr. Philip Zarb (25)

After a commemorative speech by the President of the St. Lawrence Band Club, Mr. Lawrence V. Farrugia and the Mayor Mr. John Boxall, these winners were presented with a trophy by the Mayor, in the presence of all those who participated in this competition and of two of the Council members, Mr. Ivan Peresso and Ms. Judith Saliba.

The winners of the snooker competition together with the Mayor,

Mr. John Boxall, Mr. Ivan Peresso and Ms. Judith Saliba and

the St. Lawrence Band Club committee.