Rehabilitation of Gallerija Couvre Porte

The Birgu Local Council in the past few weeks did extensive maintenance work to better the facilities of Couvre Porte Gallery so that it will not only serve as an exhibition hall but also as a fully equipped conference hall. It will also serve to host cultural activities bigger than the ones already held there and other special occasions like receptions, etc.

This could only been done after extensive works were done on this gallery where not only did the Council change the electricity system but also a wall which was serving as a divider was removed so that now the Gallery is in its original state.

In the room adjacent to this hall, the Council thought of mastering a room to be used as a store and kitchenette which can be used during any activities held.

For any information regarding the renting of Gallerija Couvre Porte one can contact the Birgu Local Council on 21662166.