The Reconstruction of the Vittoriosa Clock Tower and the Re-Embellishment of Misraħ ir-Rebħa

During the second Council meeting, held on Thursday 26th April, 2007, the members of the Birgu Local Council unanimously agreed on the proposal of the Central Government to re-build the Vittoriosa Clock Tower and the re-embelishment of Misraħ ir-Rebħa.

This project started on the simple idea of the Mayor, Mr John Boxall, years ago to excavate the foundation of the Vittoriosa Clock Tower, which was built in the Main Square in Birgu and was destroyed during the Second World War.

Back then, little was known that this idea will grow and a project will be constructed by the Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure to re-build the mentioned monument and landmark of our city.

The Clock Tower back then

A computer impression of the Clock Tower if it will be rebuilt.