Open Day of the Second World War Shelters situated at Couvre Porte - 15th April 2007

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna in collaboration with the Birgu Local Council and the Malta Tourism Authority on Sunday 15th April 2007, held an open day at the Malta at War Museum, where visitors had the opportunity to visit the Second World Word shelters.

The open day was organised to commemorate the 65th anniversary when Malta was awarded the George Cross from King George VI for the island's hardships and sacrifices in World War II, activities were held between 10am and 5pm.

During this day, visitors had the opportunity to visit the shelters, where Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna organised guided tours, talks on wartime Malta, re-enactments of aspects from the daily life of the time and the day long viewing of the Malta GC documentary film.

One of the activities consisted in a special hands on session for children, aimed at introducing the young to the different aspects of daily life in Malta during the Blitz.

A group of wartime veterans shared their personal experiences with the public especially the young. Members of the Malta Military vehicles club exhibited some of their restored wartime vehicles.

The Malta at War Museum is located at Couvre Porte (Advanced Gate) Vittoriosa right under the local council's offices. This popular museum focuses on the daily life of the Maltese and their defenders during WWII. It comprises a thematic display on the subject made from mainly rare and unique period memorabilia; the viewing of the wartime documentary Malta GC and a guided tour in the vast underground air raid shelters that have recently been cleaned, reconstructed and opened to the public.