Old Towns - Worries vs Privileges, Ptuj conference

The Birgu  Local Council was invited by the Mayor of the City of Ptuj in Slovenia, to attend the "Civitas - Meeting of Mayors of European Historical Towns".

Civitas is the name of the group, each country has got an exclusive ancient historic town, the development of which is based on their condition and on effectiveness of their historic cores. They joined efforts in order to unite their development objectives and make their voices heard in the EU.

The conference "Old Town - Worries vs Privileges" will be held in the City of Ptuj in Slovenia between the 26th and the 28th May, 2008, and the Birgu Local Council will be represented by the Mayor, Mr John Boxall.

This meeting is aimed at finding common problems and solutions but moreover at forming a tightly united group whose voice will have to be heard sooner or later in our common Europe.