The Musical We Will Rock You

The musical We Will Rock You takes place 300 years from now, in a world where any reason for living is dictated by one company – the Globalsoft Corporation. Globalsoft rules the world, controls the music, the teaching in the schools, the food in the supermarkets and the lives of the population in general. The head of the Corporation, the Killer Queen, and her powerful police force, led by Commander Khashoggi, decides what people hear, what they wear, what they see on TV and even what they eat. The population, known collectively as the GaGa’s, has no sense of individuality, due to Globalsoft’s successful and gradual elimination of all individual thought and personal dreams. Thus, there are no outlets for individual expression – no designer clothes, no personal diaries, no uncontrolled personal thoughts and desires, and most importantly – no music! All musical instruments have been systematically removed, and a world without music is a world without life! There seems to be no hope on the horizon…

And yet, hope remains. The Bohemians, a group of rebels living underground, search for that man who is mentioned in an ancient legend. The man known as ‘the Dreamer’. He’s the man who can bring back the world that the Bohemians so painfully lost. He’s the one who can lead the Bohemians to overthrow Globalsoft and return the world to its happy state of individuality and normal life as we know it. The Dreamer can remember words and ideas from the past, a past long-forgotten. Where is the Dreamer? Who is he? Is it true that he can hear voices in his head? Can he find the last guitar on Earth and, according to the legend, lead a revolution against the evil Globalsoft Corporation through the power of music?

This is the story of the musical We Will Rock You that Square Wheel Entertainment will perform on the 6th, 7th and 8th of June 2008 at an open-air theatre in Vittoriosa. The group is made up of over 60 young actors who have been rehearsing the dialogues and songs of the musical for the past 4 months, thus promising a night of unforgettable hits from the legendary group Queen, together with some excellent choreography and acting. The show also includes some very effective use of lights and laser equipment, making the show a truly unforgettable night out! Tickets at the price of 10 Euros can be booked on the following numbers – 99461297, 99463589, 27800581. Go on, book your tickets and get your friends with you, because, truly, WE WILL ROCK YOU!!