The Most Beautiful Cities in the Mediterranean Conference 16-18th Ocotber 2015


                                                            PRESS RELEASE
Cisternino (Puglia, Italy), 29 October 2015

Uniting Mediterranean Communities  in the Sign of Peace
            Great participation for
 The 3rd International Conference of  "The Most Beautiful Villages" of the Mediterranean basin
 To unite  the Mediterranean communities in the name of "Peace". This is the strong message and the call that launched the communities who participated in the Third International Conference of the "Most Beautiful Villages of the Mediterranean ", which took place on 16 and 17 October at the Theatre" Paolo Grassi " in Cisternino.
In the conference participated  the representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Antique of Palestine,  the  President and some representatives of  the national network “The most beautiful villages of Palestine,  and delegations from the villages of  Battir, Beit Sahour and Zababdeh;  municipal delegations from Croatia (Vodnian-Dignano, and Novigrad-Cittanova),  Jordan (Mu’ath Bin Jabal), Greece (Kefalonia), Malta (Birgu), Slovenia (Slovenian Tours Association), and Turkey (Ibradi, Bornova and Maltepe-Istanbul).
Speakers representing the National Government  were Hon. Francesco Boccia (Chairman of Commission V- Budget, Treasure & Planning), Hon. Massimo Cassano (Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour),  Hon. Serena Pellegrino (Member of Parliament);  representatives of Puglia Region:  Loredana Capone (Responsible for the Tourist Cultural Industry Department), Anna Maria Curcuruto ( Member of Puglia Regional Council and Responsible for the Territory and Urban Planning Department),  Tonia Ricci (Director of  Office for Promotion of Tourism),  Flavia Chirianni (Director of Office for Peace and Cross-cultural Relations -  Mediterranean Department). Students from High School of Cisternino and a representative of the Latin Patriarchate School of Zababdeh-Palestine also contributed to the Conference with a speech. 

 "Two years ago we did not expect all this success" - said the Mayor of Cisternino, Donato Baccaro - "We have achieved several important goals for Cisternino and  Puglia. Several foreign delegations are asking us to participate, for example this year for the first time we  hosted  Jordan. In future editions  we hope to host both Lebanon and Egypt, and we are expanding exponentially the catchment area of ??the Mediterranean from the point of view of tourism, just look at the number of foreign tourists who visited in the last year Cisternino and Valle d'Itria “.

Satisfaction with the results of the conference was also expressed by Puglia Region  representative Loredana Capone, who said: "The Municipality of Cisternino and the Association of The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy are doing an excellent work. I appreciate the brilliant idea to put together the efforts of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Basin,  not only to promote  tourism and cultural exchanges, but also to discuss on how to manage them in a cooperative and coordinated way. These activities represent, together with  industry, the future for our young people, if we can involve them to generate new jobs, we  have made a good part of our duty. "

The event began at the initiative of the "Most Beautiful Villages of Italy", represented  by the National  and International President  Fiorello Primi, who said: "When we chose to give birth to this yearly international conference in Cisternino to promote the creation of national networks of the most beautiful villages in the Mediterranean, we  made the right choice. We chose Cisternino because of  its strategic position, but then the town of Cisternino and Puglia Region have made all possible efforts  and the results so far are very good. There is always a great participation and it was at this conference that two years ago was born the first result, that of the  national network of the most beautiful villages of Palestine. I'm sure if we discussed more  about beauty and development through beauty, perhaps there would be fewer conflicts and less wars.
All participants were given the possibility to appreciate the beauties of Apulian territory by  participating in guided tours visiting the towns of Cisternino, Locorotondo, Castellana Grotte and Alberobello and tasted typical products of Apulian gastronomy.