In the area of projects financed by the European Union, the Birgu Local Council is working hand in hand with Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit, an agency who works and focuses on bringing funds from the European Union.

In fact in May 2007, the Birgu Local Council was informed about the approval of the “ – Mediterranean Co-operation for on- shore accessibility and sustainability themes: Network for managing urban coastal areas”. The total money financed for this project and allotted to the Birgu Local Council is €52,000. In this project, the Birgu Local Council is one of the 7 members, where one finds three different cities from three different countries, with the City of Agria in Greece being the leader of the project, the City of Sorrento in Italy and the City of Pafos in Cyprus as well as three universities, being, the University of Naples, the University of Thessaly and Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit representing the University of Malta. The Birgu Local Council appointed the Mayor, Mr John Boxall, to be responsible for the administration of this project as well as Ms Fiorella Scicluna, one of the clerical staff of the Council to be the Secretary assisting him in this project.

In this project, the Birgu Local Council had to work on the embellishment and upgrading project near the coastal zone of the City. The Council unanimously agreed that the project to be implemented should be the embellishment and upgrading of the area known as "il-Mandraġġ".

This project requires various works and preparatory works that needed to be done. In fact between the 8th and 11th of May, the Birgu Local Council will greet in its City, the Mayors and delegates of the Cities members in this project. The Conference will be held at the Council’s administrative offices in Couvre Porte.

This project will come to an end in July of 2008, where all the members will meet for the final conference in Agria in Greece.


The brochure that the Birgu Local Council had to prepare in Maltese language, as it was decided in the meeting held in Pafos, Cyprus. This brochure will be sent to all the residents of Vittoriosa, just few days before the Conference in Malta.