A major historical development - Poste of Castille

Today, the 31st of October, 2008, the Mayor, Mr John Boxall, together with Mr Lino Bugeja accompanied by the staff of the Birgu Local Council visited the Poste of Castille.

The area is owned by tenemant by Mr Lawrence Cassar and Mr Pablo Cassar who after a meeting with Mr John Boxall, on a suggestion forwarded by the Mayor himself, opened the doors of this area to welcome the historian Lino Bugeja and the Local Council.

Mr Lino Bugeja for the past years has written various articles showing his concern on this impeccable area and a jewel to Malta's fortifications.

Mr Lawrence and Mr Pablo Cassar explained their idea of opening this area to be another tourist attraction where their idea is to develop this area as a Museum portraying "Birgu's experience", life through different times in Birgu. Mr Lino Bugeja explained that in this part there used to be a shelter, where all the residents of Vittooriosa used to stay and literally live in during the war, infact he was one of the many who used to be sheltered there. Mr Lawrence Cassar showed them the shelter and explained that it is currently being cleaned.

This idea was welcomed both from the Council's perspective and from the perspective of Mr Lino Bugeja as this will surely be of great interest to all the residents of Birgu and tourists alike.

The Birgu Local Council hopes that all that is being envisaged by Mr Lawrence Cassar will be made real.