Launching of the Vittoriosa MP3 Electronic Audio Guide - 21st July, 2007

Each year the Birgu Local Council continues to advance in promoting the heritage found behind the Cities walls. The Birgu Local Council seeks to upgrade and uplift the cultural and social life of its residents, as well as encouraging them to think about the development of their city differently from what they had been used to.

For the last few months, the Birgu Local Council, together with “Cultel” a local company, has been working on an MP3 electronic guide which will surely aid tourists through their visit in Citta Vittoriosa and most importantly it will be an educational tool for all those students wanting to discover the roots of this city. This product is currently in its final stage before being launched.

The Council believes that this product will surely get its credibility and leave an imprint to all those visitors embarking on a journey to discover our city – the City of Birgu, Citta Vittoriosa, the Historical and Maritime city, in a few words, the City of Culture.

The Management of Casino di Venezia showed its solidarity towards this new venture by financially aiding the Birgu Local Council in promoting this new initiative as far afield as possible.

The Birgu Local Council, would especially like to thank his Excellency Fra John Critien, who, with his direct intervention, as a representative of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, gave the Order's help and support in the launching of this programme. On several other occasions the Order has always generously given its help. 

This project will be inaguarated by Hon. Francis Zammit Dimech, Minister for Tourism and Culture on the 21st July 2007 at 11 o'clock in the morning at Gallerija Couvre Porte.