Bersaglieri di Trapani
The Bersaglieri Band “Vincenzo Guarano” from Trapani (Sicily – Italy) was founded in 2002 by Vincenzo Guarano, who still leads and directs the band, which is animated by deep and patriotic values.
It still exists today due to the unfailing efforts and sacrifices of many people who, with perseverance, have dedicated part of their time for the good of Band.
For the last twelve years, the Band has been regularly invited to attend, as Italian representatives, various international meetings of military and para-military bands that are held in various cities all over Europe – France, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands and Romania, to mention just a few.  
Besides, the Band always participates with great enthusiasm in national meetings of Bersaglieri. Wherever the Bersaglieri have been, the musicians were always very well received and got very good reviews.
Those who have had the opportunity to meet this band, certainly hold many good memories of these Bersaglieri, who are able to bring a breath of youthfulness and joy while maintaining the strong values that are the basis of the Bersaglieri Corps.