IB Visual Arts Exhibition Students 2014 at the Auberge de France in Birgu


St. Edward’s College is proud to present this year’s IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2014 at the Auberge de France, which is today the administrative offices of the Birgu Local Council. The collection of art works by four students manifests their self-discovery and current concerns in their life.

Ella Bonnici Peresso’s work tackles social problems, humanity’s fall and her concerns on ageing and disease. Her collection ranges between painting, sculpture and graphic arts. Her drawings are further enhanced by a creative streak that seems to confuse the viewer.
Karl Lanfranco’s work touches upon a sense of nostalgia for a carefree childhood that is slowly changing to adulthood with its difficulties. His pieces ranging from paintings to sculptures show his concerns in life mostly social problems which he takes with a pinch of salt and a sense of humour.
Jacques Stivala’s work is characterised by philosophy which in the course of time has helped him overcome his inner struggle and discover more about himself. His collection includes painting, sculpture and graphic arts.
Jessica Xuereb’s work is characterised by her love for string and photography. Her work shows a considerable amount of patience when string is involved. Her main concerns are to defend feminility, to raise awareness about social and environmental problems and to cherish her childhood memories.
All students have a variety of studiowork which they produced over the past two years of their IB Diploma course, buttressed by investigation workbooks which show their development of ideas, test pieces and their realisation of work.
This successfull exhibition was officially opened by Parliamentary Secretary for Competitveness and Economic Growth, Hon. Josè Herrera where during his speech, he encouraged these young artists and the other students present at the opening to follow their passions and always trust their individual abilities. Art Critic, E.V. Borg also adressed these four students where he expressed his significant judgement about their work of arts. The Headmaster of the College, Mr George Psaila and the Head of Creative Arts Department at Saint Edward’s College, Mrs Denise Papagiorcopulo, also gave their respective speeches.
The Headmaster of the College, together with the students would like to highly thank the Birgu Local Council for giving them the opportunity to organize this exhibition in such a historical place and for providing all the needed support.