Hamis ix-Xirka fid-Dawl tax-Xemgha

As in every locality in Malta, where there are old traditions in one of the Holiest nights in the Christian calendar, that is Maundy Thursday, the atmosphere in Birgu is solemn and unique.

Besides the solemnity of this feast with processions of whole communities reciting the rosary and other prayers, whilst following the Holy Cross from one church to the other during the 7 visits to the Holy Sepulchre, hundreds of people come to Birgu to visit the numerous displays in the City.

However this year will be a special one for the Maltese Islands, because on the initiative of the Birgu Local Council certain historic parts of Birgu will be lit only by the flickering light of candles on Maundy Thursday.

The main attraction will be the different high level exhibitions, around fourteen, which will be displayed around the city. We can find four exhibitions displaying life size statutes, various Last Supper displays, as well as sets of statuettes in a unique ambience. Other activities should attract hundreds if not thousands of visitors to this Maritime City on the Eve of Good Friday. The Couvre Porte area will be lit by different coloured lights to create the right atmosphere. Not only, the local youth group “Square Wheel Entertainment” to stage parts of the Andrew Lloyd Weber‘s and Tim Rice’s rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

A biblical pageant by the Ghaqda Kultura u armar Maltija Annunzjata lead by Joseph Abela will be held in the main streets of Birgu, this pageant is almost the same as the one held on the eve of Palm Sunday in Tarxien.

The Birgu Local Council, will also be publishing a booklet containing information about the time of exhibitions together with photos and map of all the exhibitions being held around Vittoriosa.

Although this activity is expected to attract hundreds of people to the locality, the Council is being very careful to preserve the solemnity and devotion of this night. Therefore no kiosks or stands selling food are being allowed except for those selling traditional Lenten sweets and food like kwarezimal, carob sweets and Apostle’s bread rings.

During the time of the visits to the Holy Sepulchre in the churches will be held, care will be taken so that no activities will be held in the vicinity. Besides the exhibitions and the groups taking part, this unique activity will involve about 70 volunteers from the locality who were recruited by the Local Council to take part in the organisation. We hope that these activities will reach the high level normally reached by all activities in the City of Vittoriosa during these past few years.

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7, Levita Martri, Nestu Laiviera Street
Youth Centre, Desain Street
Café Richie, Silver Jubilee Street
Auberge de France, Ancient Street
The Dominican Priory in the Oratory of Our Lady of Rosaries
The Dominican Priory
Soċjeta Mużikali Banda San Lawrenz, Misraħ ir-Rebħa
27, Hilda Tabone Street
Gallerija Couvre Porte
Il-Foss, Couvre Porte
Fil-kanierja tal-Knisja ta' San Lawrenz
Taħt iż-Żuntier tal-Knisja Kolleġjata ta' San Lawrenz
ħdejn l-Oratorju tal-Kurċifiss mal-ġenb tal-Knisja ta' San Lawrenz
Heritage Malta
Passio et Resurrectio
Palazz ta' l-Inkwizitur, Main Gate Street