"Four Walks in a Historical City" Booklet

On Friday 5th January 2007, at Gallerija Couvre Porte, the Birgu Local Council in collaboration with Din L-Art Helwa, proudly launched the 56 page booklet : "Four Walks in a Historical City".

This booklet is illustrated in full colour and gives a detailed account of all the historical sites found in Vittoriosa. This book takes the reader on a guided walk through the victorious city of Birgu.

The author, Mr. Anton Attard, introduces the city of Birgu as Citta Vittoriosa, the title it was given after the Great Siege Victory against the Turkish empire in 1565, a title the citizens of Birgu are still very proud of.

This book guides the reader from the starting point at the bus terminus just outside the main road leading to the city . From there the reader proceeds to the area known as the Collachio area, through the main gates along the fortifications, to a stroll stretching along the marina and across the moat near Fort St. Angelo to Kalkara Creek.

Other walks lead through the city centre with its palaces and historical buildings and to the city's outskirts along the Cottonera fortifications.

Copies at Lm 1 / 2.33 euros each can be obtained from the offices of the Birgu Local Council and Din l-Art Helwa as well as from the Museum of St. Lawrence Church .