Cultural Outing for the Vittoriosa senior citizens

On Friday 30th May, 2008, the Birgu Local Council, organised a social cultural outing for all the senior citizens of Vittoriosa.

The group of about 70 citizens, led by Councillor Judith Saliba, firstly visited the Museum of Criminality at the Police Depot in Floriana. In this museum, the group saw pictures of well known murders committed in Malta in the last century, as well as firearms and other objects used which were confiscated by the Police as well as other equipment related to all sections of the Police Corp.

The group , then, were taken to Ta' Qali to visit the Mdina Glass Factory, where they could see glassblowers doing these masterpieces at Ta' Qali Crafts Village.

Afterwards the group where take to Rabat for lunch, where they were welcomed by the Mayor, Mr. John Boxall, who thanked all those present for coming.