The City of Birgu certified as a City of Quality

On Friday 19th November, 2007, in the City of Pecs in Hungary, the Birgu Local Council was awarded and certified as a City of Quality, hence the name Qualicities, a project part financed by the European Union and which the Council was participating in for the past two years. The Birgu Local Council, with his limitations managed to work and achieve the title of a City of Quality for its City, Citta Vittoriosa.

Sixteen cities from eight European countries participated in this project and the island of Malta was represented by the Three Cities, Birgu, Isla and Bormla. The Qualicities project was initiated in May 2005 in the city of Arles in France.

The presentation of the certificates was done during the Final Conference of the Qualicities Project held in Pecs, Hungary, in the presence of the representatives from all the participating cities. The Birgu Local Council was represented by the Mayor, Mr John Boxall and the Executive Secretary, Ms Christine Bonello. The Isla Local Council was also present in this conference.

This label was achieved after the hard work done and after that an Independent Auditor assigned by the European Union, was sent to Malta to check and justify the work done during the past two years by the Birgu Local Council in the locality, to better the quality of the city of Birgu and reviving the city as a tourist attraction.

The report of the auditor on the City of Birgu was presented together with the other reports of the other participating cities to be justified by the Label Committee. The Label Committee had to choose which from the audited cities qualified for the label and which did not.

During the Label Committee meeting, representatives from every city which where audited had the chance to give their opinion and recommendations however they could not be present during the decision. At the end of the conference, the Chairperson, announced the five awarded cities, where amongst the city of Anderlecht in Belgium, the city of Evora in Portugal and the cities of Arles and Vienne in France, was also the maritime and historic city of Birgu, with her nickname “Citta Vittoriosa”, which although being so small in comparison to these cities managed to achieve this prestigious award.

This award meant a lot to the Birgu Local Council and a lot more to the residents of this locality who surely helped the Council to achieve this award being described by the Council as, “the consequences of the collective work done during the past years”.

In his speech, the Mayor of Birgu, Mr John Boxall thanked the other Mayors and the delegates of all the participating cities, which accepted the Birgu Local Council from the beginning to participate and be an observer in this project. He also thanked Mr Benoit Stievenart, Project Manager as well as Ms Amandine Leopold, Quality Officer, for all the help given to the Council’s staff during the process of this project. Mr Boxall, also thanked all the Councillors who during this period worked with him to attain this label, as well as the clerical staff who even though this was the first project of this kind, did their utmost to satisfy all requested.

At the end of his speech Mr Boxall thanked all the residents of Vittoriosa who continuously collaborate with the Birgu Local Council to make this city not just better but the best.


The Mayor Mr John Boxall, together with Ms Christine Bonello, Executive Secretary, Ms Amandine Leopold, Quality Officer and Mr Raphael Soucher, General Delegate of the project.