The dates between 8 and 10th October 2010 will once more brings back to fruition one of Malta’s key cultural events. This year we will again have an opportunity to host locals and visitors for another edition of the candle lit magical evenings, a variety of musical instruments, traditional singers and choirs, local and foreign bands and the execution of an important element from a military tattoo.

These events, and many more, will be the highlights of the three day annual cultural activities in Vittoriosa, which are so diverse from those being organized elsewhere on the Island. To the shade of the bastions in the morning, to the illuminations by candlelight along the winding streets of the historical city in the evening, the traditions of our forefathers will be re-enacted along with the imported cultures of groups from abroad invited for the occasion. The cultural texture of the local inhabitants will be strengthened through the cooperation with the twinned cities of Birgu who will be performing during the 2010 edition of Birgu Fest. It is with deep satisfaction that we share these cultural experiences with the rest of the local population coming from different villages and cities around Malta, as well as with tourists visiting Malta.

During the three days of the Festival, we will not only be showing off our talents, but also promote and generate interest in the historical heritage of Vittoriosa, the cradle of Malta’s unique culture. The events will be:


This initial information is intended to promote three days of enjoyment at the Birgu Fest and as in the past we guarantee that Vittoriosa will re-live its past glories. Surprises may be in store.

During the three days of the Festiva, the Auberge of France will host an exhibition related to the Oralities Project, however one should watch out for a more detailed programme as other initiatives are in the making, but negotiations have not yet been finalized.