The Birgu Local Council's participation in the Early, Music and Renaissance programme circuit in Ourense, Spain - "Oralities"

As part of the European co-funded project "Oralities", the Birgu Local Council, participated in the programme circuit "XXi. Certame De Musica Sacra", that was organised by the City of Ourense, Spain, between the 3rd and 6th of April, 2009.

The delegation that was sent to represent the City of Birgu and hence Malta was made up of the Mayor, Mr. John Boxall, and the Council's administration clerk Ms. Ritianne Bonnici and the Maltese popular singer Ms. Fiona Cauchi and Mr. Kris Spiteri as accompanying pianist.

On Sunday 5th April, Ms. Fiona Cauchi and accompanying pianist Mr. Kris Spiteri gave an astonishing performance of the following popular songs:

  • Lament
  • Sejjahtlu
  • Nipprezentawlek Missier Qaddis
  • Iddecidejt
  • Zernieq
  • L-ahhar bidwi f'Wied il-Ghasel
  • Xmara
  • Lehnek mis-sema
  • Ejja Wara Gesu
  • Inti O All
  • Tigi Saltnatek

The Oralities project is giving the opportunity to artists and actors alilke to represent the City of Birgu in the different programme circuits and festivals being organised by the participating cities. The next programme circuit however this time the theme being "Traditional and Pop Music" which willbe held in the City of Birgu on the 9th of May, 2009 at Couvre Porte.