Birgu By Christmas Lights 2008

Organizers and Collaborators

The Birgu Local Council will present another unique activity for Christmas as it believes that such activities will promote and increase interest in the cultural aspect found in our island. To help in the organisation of such an event, the Council seeked the professional help of Leon Promotions, a company who had the task to co-ordinate all the programme for this event. Not only, another important fact was the financial aid, that even though it is never enough, the Birgu Local Council received from various entities including the Office of Dr. Chris Said, the Malta Tourism Authority, the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, the Malta Council for Arts and Culture, Go plc and Marsovin.

The Programme

Friday 19th December

17:00hrs - 23:00hrs                                   Auberge D'Angleterre

                                                                     Enchanting Christmas Fair - Souvenirs from      Italy and ornamental objects hand-made from Germany.

18:00hrs - 23:30hrs                                   Cardinal Street and St. John's Tower Street

                                                                     Street hawkers from the popular street market of Birgu

18:00hrs - 19:15hrs                                   Victory Square        

                                                                      A variety programme of Christmas Carols, dancing acts and singers with the participation of 300 boys and girls directed by Alison   

                                                                                       and Analise Ellul

19:00hrs - 20:00hrs                                   Main Gate Street and Victory Square                                                                   

                                                                      Band March from the Cospicua Scout Group

21:15hrs - 22:30hrs                                   The Church of the Annunciation

                                                                     Christmas Musical Programme by "The Fun Fair Brass Quintet", directed by Mro. Emanuel Spagnol.

20:00hrs - 21:30hrs                                   Church of St. Scholastica                                                                 

                                                                                      Christmas Musical programme of Carol Singing by the Ghaxaq Folk Ensemble

20:00hrs - 23:00hrs                                 The Collachio area and the Norman House

                                                                    Bethlehem in the streets of Birgu. Live crib with the participation of various actors dressed in typical clothes of that era. As well as    

                                                                                     animals related to the Christmas storyProduced by Ghaqda Kultura u Armar Maria Annunziata, Tarxien.

20:00hrs - 23:00hrs                                The Collachio area

                                                                   Musicians with traditional instruments - zaqq, tambur, zuvzava. Various violinist playing Christmas Carols.                                                                                    Christmas music on Bag Pipes.

20:00hrs  - 21:00hrs                               Victory Square                                                                 

                                                                   Concert by the Armed Forces of Malta

21:00hrs - 21:15hrs                                Main Gate Street                                                                 

                                                                   Band march by the Malta Police Band

22:00hrs - 23:30hrs                                Victory Square

                                                                    Concert by the Malta Police band accompanied by Ludwig Galea

Saturday 20th December

17:00hrs - 23:00 hrs                                Auberge D’Angleterre

                                                                    Enchanting Christmas Fair - Souvenirs from Italy and ornamental objects hand-made from Germany.

18:00hrs - 23:30 hrs                                Cardinal Street and St. John's Tower Street

                                                                    Street hawkers from the popular street market of Birgu

18:00hrs - 19:00hrs                                 Victory Square

                                                                    Christmas talent show with the participation of various choirs, dancing schools and young singers

19:30hrs - 21:00hrs                                 The St. Lawrence Parish Church                                                                   

                                                                    Musical Christmas Programme organised by Enkor

20:00 hrs – 23:00 hrs                                                  St. Lawrence Church close                                                                    

                                                                                     Live crib – Traditional StyleAround 20 actors will animate a live crib on the traditional Maltese style.St. Philip Pageant Group u l-

                                                                                     Kumitat Kultuira Ghaqda Banda San Filep, Zebbug.

20:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs                                                Sir Paul Boffa Street & Main Gate Street“The Christmas Parade”                                                                                 

                                                                                   A Spectacular Christmas parade with the Participation of                                                              

                                                                                 “The Christmas Gugga Band” A set of grotesque masks portraying the popular Disneyland characters.

                Accompanied by around 400 dancers from various dancing schools, the singers Brooke Borg, Clifford Galea and Malcolm

                Pisani, Santa Claus on a carriage together with his assistants & elves.

20:00 hrs – 23:00 hrs                                              The Collachio area & the Norman House.

                     Bethlehem in the streets of Birgu.

               Live crib with the participation of various actors dressed in typical clothes of that era as well as animals related to the                

               Christmas story.

          Produced by Ghaqda Kultura u Armar Maria Annunziata,    Tarxien

20:00 hrs – 23:00 hrs                                           The Collachio Area

             Musicians with traditional instruments – zaqq, tambur, zuvzava

             Various violinists playing Christmas Carols. Christmas music on bag pipe.


22:00 hrs – 24:00 hrs                                            Victory Square

               “CAROLS by Christmas Lights” – The Christmas Concert.     The Group X-Tend together with the choir of Romina Vella. The 

                Band of Mark Spiteri Lucas together with:

1.       Ivan Spiteri Lucas

2.       Rebecca Debattista

3.       Aldo Busuttil

4.       Debbie Scerri

5.       Fabrizio Faniello

6.       Claudia Faniello

Places of Interest 

All the places of cultural & historic interests, museums & exhibitions will be open till late evening in the occasion of the Birgu by Christmas Lights event.

-          The conventual & collegiate church of St. Lawrence – St. Lawrence Church

-          The church of the Annunciation – Main Gate Street

-          The church of Sta. Scholastica – Sta. Scholastica Street

-          Parish Museum – Victory Square

-          Oratory of the Holy Crucifix – St. Lawrence Church Close

-          The Dominican Priory – Main Gate Street

-          The St. Lawrence Band Club – Victory Square

-          The Prince of Wales Own Band Club – Main Gate Street.


The Inquisitor’s Palace – Main Gate Street

Christmas Exhibition – “A Humble bird….a worldwide representation”

Miniatures, cribs & figurines by Austin Galea & Julian Scicluna

Maritime Museum – Vittoriosa Waterfront

During these days, the entry fee will be of €2 for both museums.


Exhibitions in the occasion of the Birgu by Christmas Lights Event


Auberge D’Angleterre – Mistral Street

“An Enchanting Christmas Fair”

Parish Hall – Victory Square

Crib Exhibition

 Street Decorations 

Various streets will be decorated by the two Feast Committees of Birgu, the St. Lawrence External Feast Committee & the St. Dominic External Feast Committee.

 Traditional food & drinks stand 

All those who attended the past Birgu Fest activities know how the main square of Birgu would be filled by stands selling traditional food & drinks. These will be set up by all the local societies.

 Radio Live Transmissions 

Radju Belt Rebbieha – 97FM will be broadcasting live during the Birgu by Christmas Lights 2008.


There will be a park & ride service from Kordin

Parking will also be available at the Fortini Football Ground (close to the tunnel leading to Kalkara)


Further information can be obtained through the Birgu Local Council by calling on 21662166 or by sending an email to birgu [dot] lcatgov [dot] mt (birgu [dot] lcatgov [dot] mt) or by using the or


The organizers thought of publishing an information leaflet on the Birgu by Christmas Lights event. This will include an indicative map to guide the public through the streets of Birgu to see all the Cultural & Historical treasures found. This leaflet can be obtained for free from all the stands in Victory Square.