2.1 Europe for Citizens Programm - Creating Bridges for a Civic and Democratic Europe


 A Laracha Municipality

 Town Twinning Project

 2.1 Europe for Citizens Program


Description in English:
The Town Twinning promoted by the municipality of A Laracha titled “Creating bridges for a civic and democratic Europe” was a project between municipalities from Latvia, Slovakia, Malta, Lithuania, Italy and Spain. The project has been held in A Laracha from 23rd to 29th May 2017.
The planned activities, such as meetings, workshops, public debates, seminars, exchanges of best practices, discussions and comparison, intercultural evenings, cultural visits were aimed to increase consciousness about the Citizen’s engagement in an intercultural dialogue, as essential to the progress of a European identity, and a reason of belonging to a community, so as to to remove the barriers for the formation of an Europe united and integrated. In the work program have been scheduled different activities using new and innovative working methods, such as meeting, workshop, public debate, seminar, exchanges of best practices, discussions and comparison, intercultural evenings, cultural visits and other activities that were opportunities for communication, including different target group and the most relevant stakeholders, local authorities and civil society organizations, by promoting intercultural dialogue, knowledge and values, constructive comparison of views and mutual enrichment, to define common fundamental Rights.
In line with the general objectives of the Europe for Citizens program and according to the annual priorities, the main subjects of the project were citizen's active participation, social commitment, promotion of democracy and basic rights. The town twinning sought to encourage civic participation in the Union's policy-making processes and magnify opportunities for civic engagement at all EU levels with promotion of fundamental rights.
Furthermore, the sign of an alliance was a chance to produce a permanent cooperation, addressed to a solid friendship, assuring that the citizens feel more European as a result of their participation in the town twinning project.