“Azure & Ochre” - The third art exhibition by C.S.Lawrence in Birgu

C.S.Lawrence’s forthcoming annual solo art exhibition will highlight the artist’s two consistent interests: the unparalleled history of the Three Cities and supporting charities through her art. This exhibition entitled “Azure & Ochre”, being held with the collaboration of the Birgu Local Council,  will be inaugurated by His Excellancy, President of Malta, George Abela on October 1st, 2011 at the Auberge de France located in Birgu and a percentage of proceeds will be donated to The Malta Community Chest Fund as part of L’Istrina 2011.

The Auberge de France, a spectacular building within the beautiful historic city of Birgu, becoming the official Birgu Local Council’s Administrative office, could not be a more fitting venue for Lawrence’s intriguing art. The collection of paintings focuses on capturing the ambiance of the Three Cities, its shadow-drenched lanes, its sweeping harbour vistas and its rich architecture. Essentially the artworks draw the viewer into a world of coloured light, alternately dazzling in burnished golds and calm in transparent blues, hence the exhibition’s title. The exhibition will run throughout the month of October and will be featuring during the national annual Birgufest 2011.

Caroline Said Lawrence’s first exhibition of intricately detailed watercolours in Bahrain in 1992 was a great success and all subsequent shows in Bahrain, Dubai and Saudi Arabia proved to be equally rewarding. The consensus of opinion among those who appreciated her work from this period was that the paintings of courtyards and rooms with views generated a satisfying sense of serenity, of contentment in seclusion, of reflection in stillness. Often viewers would remark that they felt a strong desire to actually be in the places she painted.

In 2002, the artist came to settle in Malta and found her roots in Bormla where her paternal grandparents originated and lived before leaving Malta for Egypt circa 1920. Once again she found herself immersed in a landscape full of brilliant colour. The Maltese landscape has stimulated the artist to produce mixed-media paintings of its magnificent vistas and a new series of paintings depicting the magical antiquity of the Three Cities. Her move to Malta also marked her return to painting faces, her first passion, and over the years she has developed a style uniquely her own.

The artist’s childhood experience of East Africa was so profound that even four decades later her memories of it remain intensely vivid. Her recollections of the vibrant light and brilliant colours of that landscape invariably surface time and again in her paintings, particularly in her Faces of Africa portfolio.

For Caroline, self-expression through art is an all-consuming objective. She feels driven by this creative urge within her, a compulsion that all artists can relate to. The quality of her life is contingent upon being able to paint and to perfect her art.

In 2010, the artist expanded her portfolio to include paintings of Brighton and London where the artist is currently represented by two galleries.

Nicholas de Piro, a highly respected art historian & collector in Malta, had this to say about the artist’s recent exhibition in Malta:

“Lawrence is not just a budding artist - she is an artist in full bloom”, Marquis Nicholas De Piro

For more information and latest collection view  www.paintmalta.comwww.cslawrence.com