The Mayor, Mr. John Boxall, together with the Vice-Mayor, Mr. Christopher Cassar attended the second conference of the Oralities Project, which was held in Sliven, Bulgaria, between the 12th and 15th February, 2009.

During this conference, the outcomes of this project together with the implemenation of the project were further discussed.

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The Birgu Local Council has currently undertaken another job to restore to its original state and clean the Poste of France at Couvre Porte.

This work is being done by the Council's private contractor and the Local Council's workers assigned by IPSL and ETC.


Being part of the Association of Historic Cities in the Mediterranean, the Mayor of Birgu, Mr. John Boxall, was invited by the Mayor of the City of Bethlehem, Dr.

In the end of November, the Birgu Local Council joined in the European Union project “Oralites”. This programme lead by the City of Evora, will be for four years and will help the eight participating cities to share and exchange cultural values through music and language. The Cities that are participating in the “Oralites” project are the City of Arles in France, Sliven in Bulgaria, Mertola, Evora and Idanha-a-Nova in Portugal, Orense in Spain, Ravenna in Italy and Birgu, Malta.

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Today, the 31st of October, 2008, the Mayor, Mr. John Boxall, together with Mr. Lino Bugeja accompanied by the staff of the Birgu Local Council, visited the Poste of Castille.

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New ornamental railing is being installed at tal-Hawli garden to compliment the works of tal-Hawli Garden.

The housing and maintenance department approved the upgrading of the wall in Triq Fuq tal-Hawli and the installation of new ornamental railing.

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The works done at il-Mandragg area in relation to the project.These works included the embelisshment of the area and the wall surrounding it, the re-construction of the deteriorated columns, the installation of a new lighting system and new lanterns and the cleaning of the whole area.

The Birgu Local Council was informed about the approval of the “ – Mediterranean Co-operation for on- shore accessibility and sustainability themes: Network for managing urban coastal areas”.

The Birgu Local Council has recently entered into an agreement with "The Three Cities Foundation" to use the Front Office situated at Auberge D'Angleterre in Triq il-Majjistral, Birgu, as their permanent office.

The Three Cities Foundation is a non-governemnt organisation set up to provide free support, counselling services, training and education opportunities, based on the individual needs of its clients.

The Birgu Local Council has just installed new railing at the staircase found in Triq San Duminku after various pleas from the residents.

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The HSBC Bank plc, honouring a request done by the Birgu Local Council, today presented the Council with a cheque of 2329.27 euros equivalent to Lm 1000, to sponsor the restoration works recently done at the Melitensia Room at the Birgu Regional Library situated at the authentic Auberge D'Angleterre.

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