On February 22nd, 2008, in the presence of Dr Carm Mifsud Bonnici, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs, Dr Natalino Attard, Director of the Department of Local Government, Mr Albert V. Mamo, Director of the Lands Department, the Mayor, Mr John Boxall and the Executive Secretary Ms Christine Bonello, on behalf of the Birgu Local Council, signed the agreement on the devolution of the site which is currently being developed in an adequate recreational area, Ġnien il-Kunsill.


The Birgu Local Council in the past few weeks did extensive maintenance work to better the facilities of Couvre Porte Gallery so that it will not only serve as an exhibition hall but also as a fully equipped conference hall. It will also serve to host cultural activities bigger than the ones already held there and other special occasions like receptions, etc.

Fra' Matthew Festing, 58, an Englishman, becomes the 79th Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, elected this morning by the Council Complete of State (the Order’s electoral body).  In accepting the role, the new Grand Master swore his Oath before the Cardinal Patronus of the Order, Cardinal Pio Laghi, and the electoral body. He succeeds Fra’ Andrew Bertie, 78th Grand Master (1988-2008), who died on 7 February.

Preparation works are underway for this year's Holy Week exhibition at "Ġnien il-Kunsill", also known as "Il-Foss".

As in previous years, the Birgu Local Council, in collaboration with Clive Busuttil and Roderick Busuttil will be organizing the Holy Week Exhibition, "Iesus Nazarenus", which will open on Sunday 16th March, 2008.

The Birgu Local Council would like to notify that it is currently renting out Gallerija Couvre Porte for receptions, exhibitions , conferences etc...

More information can be obtained from the Birgu Local Council.

Telephone number : 21662166

Email: birgu [dot] lcatgov [dot] mt


Gallerija Couvre Porte

The Mayor, Mr. John Boxall, together with the Executive Secretary, Ms. Christine Bonello, went on an official visit to Casortate Sempione in Italy to start all the necessary arrangements for a town-twinning between the town of Casorate Sempione, in the province of Vasrese and the Maritime City of Birgu.

Dehra aħħarija tal-parti ta' Gallerija Couvre Porte fejn f'dawn l-aħħar ġimgħat sar xogħol estensiv ta' restawr. Tajjeb li kulħadd ikun jaf li waqt li kienu qegħdin isiru dawn ix-xogħlijiet, din is-sala nistgħu ngħidu li ġiet propju fl-istat oriġinali tagħha mit-Tieni Gwerra Dinija.

Sar rapport anonimu lill-MEPA fejn minkejja li ntalab bl'aktar mod kategoriku biex jieqfu x-xogħlijiet, min irrapporta spiċċa bl-aktar mod sarkastiku jxekkel il-kredibilta tal-Kunsilliera, speċjalment tas-Sindku John Boxall.

In the area of projects financed by the European Union, the Birgu Local Council is working hand in hand with Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit, an agency who works and focuses on bringing funds from the European Union.

Mr Eddie Aquilina, Director of Miranda Publications, presented various books from his famous collection, such as, "Malta  before History", "Malta By Night", "The Sovereign Palaces of Malta" and "The Three cities" as a donation to be included in the Melitensia section of the Vittoriosa Regional Library.